Ref: Leica DISTO plus

Both the free software programs help to ease your workload. “PlusDraw” allows you to create simple sketches with the values on the pocket PC. The sketches can be transferred as a graphic file (bmp-file) to the PC while your recorded data is stored in a dedicated Excel file. “PlusXL” enables you to record the recorded values immediately and directly into an Excel table and to edit them on the PC. Naturally you can also send the recorded results directly from your Leica DISTO™ plus to your laptop – wireless.
Feature Your benefit
Range of measurement: 0.2 up to 200 m
(0.7 up to 650ft). Accuracy: ±1.5mm
(0.06in) Quick accurate measurement over
short and long distances
Integrated BLUETOOTH® technology Wireless transfer of measurement
values to a Pocket PC
Built-in telescopic viewer Easy, precise measurements over
long distances
Free entry level software "PlusDraw"
and "PlusXL" included Simple sketches of the measurement values
can be made on the Pocket PC using "PlusDraw".
With "PlusXL" the measurement values can
be edited in an Excel worksheet
Clear keyboard with function
and navigation keys Very user friendly, convenient operation
Last technology in high-quality design Innovative working - impressive all-round